All About im✻PACT

Psychometric & ongoing assessments

Elevate your team’s potential with our psychometric and ongoing assessment toolkit. It sparks meaningful conversations between managers and their direct reports, fostering growth. It’s equipped with DISC, providing valuable insights right from the start. Additionally, our peer-assessed strengths review, inspired by the Johari Window method, enhances team dynamics.

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Gamification for individual performance

Elevate individual performance through the power of gamification. We leverage gamification techniques, harnessing Social Proof to cultivate a high-performance culture. Users earn tamper-proof scores akin to collegiate GPAs, fueled by customizable metrics spanning tasks, psychometrics, competencies, and more.

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Growing in competence with IPA

im✻PACT Point Average, a profiling tool that makes collecting and analyzing data for personal growth easy. With visual representations inspired by common anatomy idioms, we offer a relatable way to track your progress. Your journey to excellence starts here.

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For a better and consistent workflow

Full-featured task management

A competent tasking system

Put an end to the tiresome cycle of ‘Work about Work’ with the game-changing im✻PACT checklists. Streamline your tasks and boost productivity like never before.

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A manager's manager app

The ultimate toolkit for modern managers. We provide a robust suite of tools for streamlined project management, from defining milestones to tracking progress. Our intuitive interface and data-driven insights ensure confident leadership and successful project outcomes.”

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Be Better Everyday

Marketplace of Best Practices

Monetize your expertise

Imagine being able to transform your years of expertise into a steady income stream. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an industry trailblazer, our platform provides you with the stage to showcase your insights. Share your hard-earned lessons, proven strategies and time-tested methodologies with a community hungry for success.

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Data Protection

Safeguarding Your Information

Ensuring Data Security in Our Application

At the core of our application is a robust commitment to safeguarding your data. Our security measures include

  • ^End-to-End Encryption
  • ^Regular Security Audits
  • ^Data Backups
  • ^Compliance with Data Protection Regulations