Drives a performance culture with

Gamifications and Awards

Set Your Benchmark

Design challenges for your team with the Challenge Design module. Set the metrics to measure against, and let the system harvest the data points automatically as you interact with the app through the course of your work day.

  • ^Low-code Expression Builder
  • ^Flexible Campaign Periods
  • ^Selectable Participants
  • ^A Major Factor for im✻PACT IPA

Gamify Your Workspaces

Tap into the power of gamification and ‘Social Proof’ at work. Create a dynamic environment where achievements are celebrated, and individual progress is recognized.

  • ^Leaderboards At-a-Glance
  • ^Up-to-the-minute Ranking

Your Trophies, Your Achievements

Wear Your Awards With Pride.

With im✻PACT’s gamification, you have a virtual trophy rack of your own. Whether it’s exceeding targets, or gaining competencies, these awards mark your personal milestones of advancement — in other words, your career track record.


Lifetime Visibility

The system keeps these awards as your permanent track record.


Types of Awards

Awards can be as simple as a digital badge or trophy statement, or physical collaterals such as cash or in kind. This is left to you, the Challenge designer.


Integration with External Systems

Extraction of Award data for consumption by external systems such as Financials, and other Incentive Management System is possible.