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A Managers’ Manager Toolkit


Goal Gradient

The Goal Gradient chart shows a remaining “amount of work” versus a theoretical rate of of reduction. We have souped it up to include 3 prediction lines using machine learning :  projected, optimistic, and pessimistic projections of the likely end-dates based on the rate and quality of work at present.

Priority Distribution Workload

Shows the change in the number of tasks of varying priorities over time. For example, increasing counts of critical priority tasks often indicate potential schedule issues. Or, increasing number of low priority items often reflect a disorganised project.

Risk Assessment Heatmap

This puts risk management front and center for you, the work manager. Tasks are classified to their likelihood and impact within this heatmap.

Each risk item may track one or more tasks for their mitigation status.

AI-based predictive guidance

These are predictive measures to assist work managers to predict whether a job will encounter delays. 


Comprehensive Trend Analysis

There are up to 5 prediction lines, encompassing projected, theoretical, actual, optimistic, and pessimistic trends. There isn’t a whole lot of data to wade through — the meaning is clear and succinct.


Proactive Delay Notification

It is all on the charts, as plain as daylight, for all to see. 


Prescription Remedies

An Explainable AI component suggests the most likely contributing factors toward these delays. 


Commended Actions

The same Explainable AI component also highlights the major factors that positively contributed toward the current progress — so you can continue to focus on these actions as well.


Streamline your work teams management with

  • ^Teams that exist only for the duration of the work
  • ^Global (common) Teams that shared across all work
  • ^Membership movements at any time, but preserving historical record of tasks

Work Tasks

Plan, Allocate, Collaborate, and Track work from one screen. From detailed checklists to customizable deadlines, you’re in control. Collaborate with team members using the same views, keeping everyone aligned and accountable. 

Flexible sort, search, and filtering facilities to zoom in or out from the task list views.


Milestones are a powerful project management construct to help users set clear objectives and track progress against them. 


Milestone Definition

Easily define and label crucial project milestones to mark significant goals.


Goal Gradient

Visualize each milestone Goal Gradient, similar to the one for the overall work, showing the tasks completed over time, providing a clear trajectory toward success.


Task Integration

Link related tasks that contribute toward meeting a milestone, and report its progress solely and automatically on the tasks underlying that milestone.


Instead of risks being managed separately, it is now included into your work dashboard.

Identify, assess, and proactively manage risks that could impact project timelines and outcomes.


Identify Risks

Define and catalog potential risks that could affect your project. Or, in future, buy a risk profile package from the Marketplace! Link the tasks that directly mitigate your risks, and have the app track their progress automatically as “people complete their their tasks.” Seamlessly.


Track by Likelihood and Impact

Assess each risk’s likelihood of occurrence and the potential impact on your project.

Empower Your Risk Management Strategy with Mitigation Action

Log the mitigation actions performed against a risk item. Keep track of their progress toward fully mitigation.


Action Definition

Easily outline your risk mitigation strategy with clear, concise action plans.


Task Integration

Link these actions directly to relevant project tasks for efficient execution.


Improved Accountability

Assign responsible team members to ensure timely risk mitigation.


Store your documents on the Cloud together with your work task data. Create a project reference library where team members can refer to.

 All this is accessible from the mobile app.


Data Separation

Documents are protected from deletion by normal members. Only rowk leaders may upload documents.


Capacity Restricted

Each subscription come with a predefined amount of cloud disk space you can use.

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